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WSQ Accredited Courses

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Background Information

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) is a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce. As a continuing education and training (CET) system, WSQ supports the SkillsFuture movement to: 

  1. Promote recognition of skills and competencies to facilitate progression, mastery and mobility;
  1. Promote holistic development of the workforce through technical and generic skills and competencies;
  1. Support economic development by professionalising skills and competencies to drive industry transformation, productivity and innovation efforts; and
  1. Encourage lifelong learning.

List of WSQ Approved Courses

IEA is pleased to share with members that IEA is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) to conduct the following WSQ courses supported by Workplace Development Authority (WDA). Below is a list of IEA's WSQ Approved courses. Please click the 'Download' link to download the respective brochures. *Eligible for SkillsFuture Funding*

Approved WSQ Course

WSQ Course Code

CPD Level/Course Code

CPD Hours Awarded by CEA


Project a Positive & Professional Image  CRS-Q-0028334-SVCF C2L3S0554  2 Download
Provide Go-The-Extra-Mile Service   CRS-Q-0028315-SVCF C2L3S0555  2 Download
Respond to Service Challenges CRS-Q-0028316-SVCF NIL  0 Download

To find out the grants claimable and trainee's fees for the courses listed above, please click here. As documentary proof is needed to verify and determine the various criteria set by SkillsFuture, only Walk-in registration for these courses are accepted. Please click here to download the registration form which you can fill in beforehand. *Please bring along your NRIC & WorkFare Letter for registration

WSQ Approved Courses Promotion

IEA is pleased to share with members as well as non-members a promotional offer for those who sign up for Three (3) WSQ courses now in a single receipt. Upon signing up, they will be Entitled to: 

  1. a) Waiver of IEA Membership Subscription for New Applicants* 
  2. b) Waiver of Membership Renewal for existing members*

*Terms and Conditions Apply. The following terms and conditions are applicable 

  1. a) If the person signing up the courses is a Real Estate Salesperson (RES), then he will be entitled to an ORDINARY membership 
  2. b) If the person signing up the courses is NOT a Real Estate Salesperson (RES), then he will be entitled to an AFFILIATE membership

Schedule of WSQ Approved Courses for 2017

Below is the schedule of IEA's WSQ Courses for the months of March 2017 to Jun 2017. The venue for the trainings are to be confirmed. 
*Please click the headers in the table in order to sort according to WSQ Course Title, Date/Time, CPD Level, WSQ Code. Example: To sort by Date/Time, click the "Date/Time" header once. Clicking the same header once more will sort it in descending order

WSQ Course Title


CPD Level/Course Code

CPD Hours Awarded by CEA WSQ Code
Project a Positive & Professional Image To Be Advised C2L3S0554  2 CRS-Q-0028334-SVCF
Respond to Service Challenges    To Be Advised Non-Core CPD 2 CRS-Q-0028316-SVCF
Provide Go-The-Extra-Mile Service  To Be Advised C2L3S0555  2 CRS-Q-0028315-SVCF

Course Fees, Training Grants & Claims

WSQ approved courses are eligible for SkillsFuture grants. All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website to choose from the courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory.

Below is a general guideline of the amount of grant applicable. In general, trainees who are eligible for the grants need to pay between 5% to 20% of the course fee. Please click here to find out the exact course fees and amount of grant for the various criteria   

Self Sponsored / IndividualComponent of Course Fee Absentee Payroll
Maximum Training Grant claimable by ProviderTrainee's Fee Payable
Singaporean age 35 and above, salary $2,000 and below, Workfare TrainingSupport (WTS)
95% 5%


Up to $4.50 per training hour for certifiable course, uncertifiable course is $2.00 per training hour

Singaporean age 40 and above ($25 per training hr x 8 hrs ) under MidCareer Enhanced Subsidy (MCES), salary more than $2000 90% 10%
Singaporean age 39 and below ($17 per training hr x 8 hrs) 80% 20%
Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) 80% 20%


  1. For Grant under Company-sponsored (employer), Employer will apply grant for their employee before they register for the course under Skillsconnect. IEA will collect the Nett Fee based on their grant from SSG-WDA - Skillsconnect
  1. For trainee under self-sponsored and employer-sponsored are able to claim absentee Payroll. The notification for the absentee payroll will be sent automatically by SSG-WDA to the trainee for selfsponsored and the employer for employer-sponsored respectively
  1. SkillsFuture Credit is entitled only for All Singaporean Age 25 and above and
  1. SkillsFuture Credit is claimable for Trainee under self-sponsored/individual only

WSQ information:

Contact: 6785 5785

Event Calendar